How to Paste Wallpaper

Wall Papers are the latest trend when it comes to decorating the walls of your home. It is a very convenient way to give your walls a striking look in just some time.

Mainly people opt for paint or tiles but now the mindset is changing, all thanks to the convenience wall papers installation provides. Contradicting the normal mind set that wall paper installation is clumsy and time taking, actually it is super easy and fast.

Wall papers comes in beautiful patterns, textures, colours and designs and so there are a lot of options to choose from and give your walls a makeover instantly.

You don’t need a professional to install a wall papers it is that easy. Here are the steps to install a wall paper of your choice in simple steps:

  1. Smooth out the surface
  2. Measure your wall
  3. Cut the strips accordingly
  4. Paste glue on the surface
  5. Paste the first strip
  6. Remove the bubbles if any
  7. Cut the excess sheet and smooth out the corners

Its easy, its faster, its convenient. You do not have to spend much on professionals. There are few mistakes that commonly people make while installing wall papers:

  1. Trapped bubbles
  2. Peeling edges
  3. Cutting off too much edges
  4. Curled seam

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Decorate Your Dream Home with Our Wall Papers

Just like everything else, home decor is changing too fast as well. Wall papers are the most 0n-trend thing right now. Easy, affordable, stunning designs and patterns, durable, low-maintenance, all these benefits make the best choice when you thinking of redecorating your home.

Gone are the days when yellow was THE colour for every house hold, since it was bright and could reflect light making the house appear big and open. Now you can have countless hues and shades in a single colour. Patterns and designs are countless.

It’s time to give wall papers another chance, trust the world, wall papers have immense potential to transform your home completely.

Creating Spaces  

Every corner of the house has its own personality and voice. We need to look into that while selecting a wall paper. Wall paper for living room, wall paper for dining room, wall paper for kid’s room, wall paper for office, wall paper for restaurant, wall paper for bedroom, wall paper for study room or lobby, wall paper for showrooms, all will be different in colour and patterns. You can create your own personal space with wall papers with patterns, embellishments and designs.

Choose Wisely

Choosing the correct wall paper for your walls is a task. Wall papers add the final touch to a specific space. Keep in mind the usability of the place and the person who will be using that space when choosing the wall paper.

Small prints add a slight pattern to the general background color, forming a subtle backdrop. Mini prints in light, cool colors and fine textures applied to the walls and ceiling create a sense of more room during a small room. 3D and geometric patterns are often bold and exciting, while small patterns are often very subtle.

We at Ultra Walls have a wide collection of wall papers with amazing colours, patterns and designs to be of help to everyone. We have designed our wall papers while keeping in mind the diverse thoughts and personalities of our customers.


What Are The Best Ways To Use Wallpaper in The Room?

Have you been wondering that how should you use wallpaper in the room? We are going to emphasize on it that how you would be using wallpaper in your room. Though there are various styles, each one does work in the same way. You have to understand that which one goes with your needs. Here, the prominent options are being mentioned –

  • Cover All Four Walls – Do you want to cover all your 4 walls? It is time to get each wall decorated adding a classing and simple strip design hung horizontally. The best thing is that all your four walls would look beautiful and outstanding indeed. The best thing is that large-scale as well as simple designs would not overwhelm a room but will lift the beauty adding a trendy twist.
  • Feature One Wall – You may go ahead to give your home a dramatic effect by doing wallpaper on one wall only. It helps to have a bold pattern to highlight an area of your room. You choose your wall behind a sofa or bed. It would be better if you design it going with a hint of mica, glass, or metallic since it looks a classy as well as glamorous touch.
  • Go With Wallpaper Along With A Chair Rail – Are you considering a chair rail responsible for dividing a wall? Then it gets easier to fetch unique interest to it. You probably are having a classic look if you tray paintable beadboard wallpaper to have under the chair rail indeed. The most important thing is that you may also hang a large-scale floral to enhance its look indeed. Do add breathtaking wallpaper to enhance the magic of the rooms.
  • Make Your Ceiling Look Incredibly Beautiful – It is time to get your ceilings to look beautiful along with Graham & Brown’s paintable squares. Your ceiling dipped in a beautiful classic metallic shade will make you have an amazing experience. The best thing is that you will easily be allowed to get a Victorian-style tin ceiling look.

Top three reasons to purchase wallpapers over wall paints!

Wallpapers of today come with a unique blend of texture and colour. They are vibrant and can enhance the aesthetic value of any room wherever you apply the wallpapers. Not that we don’t love paint, it’s just that wallpapers are interesting to look at. And we can’t deny the fact that they add interesting character to your home too! Having said that, if you are still puzzled between adding new paints to your walls or going and buy wallpapers to give a new look to your home, then let us discuss some of the advantages of using wallpapers and why you should choose wallpapers over paints. Read on.

Wallpapers offer more unique pattern and style than paint

Who would like to go to a house which has the same wall paint as yours? Well, wall colours are also available in vivid colours, but they are pretty common in every household, unlike wallpapers! You get the option to customize it and jazz up the look of every room in your house. And chances are you will not find the similar wallpapers in your friend’s houses. Now, that’s a good choice right! You can mix and match two different wallpapers or stick to one unique wallpaper. The choice is yours. Express yourself through beautiful wallpapers so that the other person feels jealous. A little bit of temptation is accepted. 

Wallpapers add distinctive textures

From natural wallpapers to authentic Indian wallpapers, you will never run out of choices when it comes to wallpapers. Texture adds a layer of unique style which draws your interior décor together. The hues on the wallpapers brighten your home and add drama as well. It creates a lively environment for everyone. Plus, when it is time to party on a weekend, wallpapers can become the perfect home décor item too to mesmerize your guests. Paint can hardly match with the texture’s wallpapers behold. You can choose metallic accents or 3D pattern wallpaper and shapes that will enhance the look of your walls. Plus, wallpapers give you more freedom of expression. So, put on your artistic shoes and shop for the best wallpapers. 

Wallpapers last way longer than paint

Yes, it is true! It may sound a bit weird to you, but in reality, wallpapers actually tend to last longer than paint. Paint can chip and peel because of moisture and accidental collisions, however, wallpapers have the capacity to survive under any situation. This is the reason why they last longer which means you will not have to refinish the walls for years. Even when you need to clean your wall, wallpapers are easier to clean as well. Just wipe off the dirty spots and you are good to go. Now, doesn’t this inspire you to buy wallpapers for your home today?

Go on and shop for some lovely wallpapers from today. Here, you will find an array of exquisite wallpapers which will last longer, enhance the look of your home and make it look vibrant.


How to Stay Smart in the World of Wallpaper versus Paints

Are you looking forward to breathe a new life into your lackluster walls this festive season? It is always a complex and profound moment when it comes to choosing a paint color or a wallpaper that you are going to stay surrounded with for a substantial period of time. Different people have different tastes when it comes to choice of colors and combinations. Tastes, obviously, matter. But there are a few checks that need consideration when deciding color. The colors and designs need to be in accordance with the room exposure where the paint is about to be applied. It is pleasant to have natural lighting inside the home. It enhances the ambiance and gives you a feel good factor.

While deciding on the appropriate wall treatment is a complex decision, homeowners, these days, mostly oscillate between the two prevalent options – wallpaper or paint. While both the options have their own set of pros and cons, the right choice is directly dependent upon the unique needs of the consumer. To make your decision slightly easier and pump you up with wall covering ideas, let us compare the highlights and the challenges involved in the use of paint and wallpaper.

Which one is better wallpaper or paint?

With variety of colors and finishes to create a unique look for your home, there is no dearth of options in wallpaper or paint. Combined with hundreds of texturing techniques, paints are available in every color that can be further mixed and matched to create stunning effects. Matte, satin, semi-gloss and glossy are the popular types of finishes to add grace to your wall. Wallpaper for walls are available in diverse patterns and colors, ranging from vivacious contemporary patterns to elegant classical motifs. Wallpapers are also available in different finishes like embossed textures, vinyl, foil printed, fabric, suede, and more.

Does wallpaper last longer than paint?

When applied with proper finishing, premium quality paints can last you up to five years. But since paints flake and fade in areas with high exposure to sunlight, retouching is required every 3 years. On the contrary, wallpapers are long-term partners. A one-time application of a PVC Wallpaper could last for 15 years on Indian walls. But since wallpapers are susceptible to tearing, any accidental tear can lead you to redo the entire process of stripping and pasting which is more time-intensive than re-painting.

Does wallpaper ruin your wall?

Painting a wall is less fussy an option that applying a wall covering to Indian walls. For a standard-size room, a paint job of a day or two usually suffices. Painted walls are also very accommodating as a new coat of paint of the same hue can be applied on to an older one. But the application of, let’s say, living room wallpaper needs to tackled by an expert. Since the process is elaborate, it requires a lot of time and patience and the same holds true while stripping the wallpaper off. While the wallpaper does not ruin the wall but a new layer of wallpaper cannot be applied upon the existing one.Additionally, in areas with moisture and heat like kitchens and bathrooms, application of wallpaper should be avoided. Similarly, in children’s rooms or other high traffic areas, the wallpaper are prone to damage and tear. 

How do you hang thick wallpaper?

The application of wallpaper is a skill that is more difficult than it really is. With the basics tools, some practice and common sense, you can master the craft easily. Look for a stripe or a dense pattern while choosing a design as it minimizes the tricky matching. Avoid ‘drop repeat’ patterns till you get to grips with the basic hanging techniques. Get your walls ready by spackling and sanding and then apply a primer coating. Once the primer dries up, the walls are ready to be lined with a finish.

Do you hang wallpaper left to right?

In a standard-sized rectangular room, begin by looking close to a corner but do not use the corner itself as a vertical guideline. Stick the first piece of wallpaper close to the corner. Leave half a width to hang to the left depending on if you are left-handed or right-handed. You can continue the same process all around the room till you get back to where you started from. It is prudent for right-handed people to go wallpapering clockwise around the room, as they trim the paper from left to right. Left handed people usually find it easier to go anti-clockwise, as they trim from right to left.

How many drops are in a roll of wallpaper?

It is importance to calculate how many rolls you require by measuring the walls of the room.Typically,rolls of wallpaper measure 10meter long and 535 millimeter wide. Therefore, if the room that is being wallpapered has a ceiling height of10 feet, it is easy for you to cut three drops of wallpaper from each roll.

How many square feet are in a roll of wallpaper?

Calculating the square footage of your wall space is an imperative if you are about to purchase a wallpaper. Depending upon the sheet width of the wallpaper, a double roll covers approximately 61 square feet, while a single roll covers approximately 31 square feet. Even though the wallpapers are priced out in single roll quantities, wallpaper only comes in double rolls.

While wallpapers are more expensive than paints, it is a one-time investment and completely worth. Since it is much more durable than paints in the longer run, it turns out to be more cost-effective purchase. Home wallpaper companies in India are replete with options that create stunning backdrops of your living and bedroom spaces. So, get your creative juices flowing and stylize your space with a burst of colors.


Why use wallpaper?

When it comes to getting your house decorated beautifully, most people get confused that if they are supposed to go with the option of wallpaper or paint. Though they both have their benefits, we are going to share what top reasons proving that wallpaper is a better choice in comparison to paint.

  • Wallpaper Do Last Longer – First, wallpaper does come up with an ideal aspect of being durable in comparison to the paint. Wallpaper does not get affected by moisture easily. If you want greater longevity then you must go with the option of wallpaper. Your favorite walls will remain beautiful and refinish for years.
  • Quiet Easy To Clean – Talking about the next point, wallpapers are indeed quite easy to clean. If you notice any dirty spot anywhere around the wallpaper, you just required wiping it off and it will get cleaned.
  • Huge Variety Of Styles – The best thing is that it comes up with an excellent aspect of intricacy and flexibility when it comes to style. You would not have any dearth in the context of styles. A wide collection is available to choose from. You may choose the right one from abstract designs or intricate ones.
  • Easy To Go With Home’s Look – It does not matter what sort of look of your home you want. You can always find a variety of excellent wallpapers, which can easily go with the taste of your home. A wide-layer color scheme is available to go with your furniture as well as floors. Moreover, you can easily choose your color scheme going with your taste and go-ahead to install it.
  • No Complicated Masking Is Required – Moreover, the best thing is that wallpaper does not need any sort of tricky masking like the way it requires while doing paint. Apart from it, going with wallpaper is less complicated. You just need to go with an accurate size sheet or cut into size to get your favorite wall to be ready.

Conclusion –
Wallpapers would not disappoint you since you get excellent choices available at the best prices. Moreover, it saves you huge time and effort.


Points to consider while selecting imported wallpaper

Everybody loves revamping home and making it a pleasant living area or any other area exclusive within the house. But, with the passage of time, traditional art work is being replaced by imported wallpaper which beautifies walls offering them a modern look. Basically, these wallpapers have fine and durable quality with perfect finishing to complement the décor. If you are planning to buy the suitable wallpaper for your residential or commercial purposes, then, following tips will be worth a consideration:

  • Appropriate wall treatment and available options:Firstly, it should be mentioned that selecting the right wallpaper according to the style of your décor and preferences is a complicated decision. In such a scenario, you should assess the pros and cons of wallpaper with imported finishing and design prior to shortlisting it for your home or office. For instance, visualize your dream room and explore the collection offered by Ultra Walls, the #1 complete collection of world class imported wallpapers. After this, you should check features, compatibility and long-lasting features of the selected wallpaper.
  • 3D imported wallpaper and its scope in décor:Manufactured by using the durable quality of PVC, 3d imported wallpaper is water resistant and offers protection against mold. Lend quality to your room décor with the 3d style of imported wallpapers and make home improvement impressive.
  • Commercial vs. residential wallpaper comparisonIt is obvious that commercial and residential home improvement and wall treatment demand powerful interior design yet being unique. Therefore, comparing various features like style and imported wallpaper price should be considered before finalizing the product.
  • Types of wallpaper and their significance: Most of the wall treatment solutions are inspired by trending designs and creations. Therefore, the suitability and significance along with the type of imported wallpaper should be checked in advance. For instance, texture wallpaper, project wallpaper, contract wallpaper and 3D decorator wallpaper are some of the bestselling options you can explore while shortlisting the imported wallpapers.

If you are looking for a reliable interior design and wall treatment service provider based in India, then, choose Ultra Walls for wall decoration and imported wallpapers


How To Turn Your Simple Bedroom Into A Wonderful Statement

How To Turn Your Simple Bedroom Into A Wonderful Statement


What Are The Prominent Benefits of 3D Wallpaper For Walls?

Have you been wondering which wallpaper for the wall would be right to buy? You have landed at the right place indeed. 3d Wallpaper is worthy to buy because of its amazing benefits. Here, we are going to mention some of the prominent ones. Let’s check out more about it in a detailed manner.

Versatility To Make You Have Incredible Experience –

Yes, you will have the factor of versatility going with 3D wallpaper indeed. If you have been hunting to inject that wow factor into your lovely space, it is time to go with 3D decors indeed. They are a variety of options indeed. You can find a variety of options including vinyl, text, and embossed finishes. The best thing is that 3D wallpaper for the wall is also available in the best shade indeed.

Quick Installation To Make Easy For You  –

Yes, they are indeed quite quick to install. They are indeed easy as well as straightforward indeed. Apart from it, they would be saving yours a lot of effort indeed. You probably would not have to give a lot of time indeed.

Easy To Clean To Ensure The Beauty–

Yes, this is true that 3d wallpaper is quite easy to clean compared to other options indeed. You may get it cleaned with a wipe or vacuum easily. If you have always been conscious about the maintenance then this is worthy to buy indeed. It does not matter which texture wallpaper you are going to buy, each one is just quite easy to clean to keep your room incredibly beautiful.

Incredible Options To Match Your Needs –

Have you been wondering about the incredible options? You are at the right place. 3d wallpaper introduces you the amazing options including brick wallpaper and so on. The best thing is that they have been designed in a way so that expected illusions could be created. You can get any room easily in the way you want.

Conclusion – Have you been wondering that from where you should buy the best quality 3d wallpaper? You have landed at the right place. At Ultrawalls, you can find the best collection of quality 3d wallpaper available at the best prices.


Why 4D Floral Wallpaper Are An Ideal Choice For Your Workspace or Kid’s Room?

Have you got bored with your regular wooden wallpaper? Do you want to go with something different and unique? You are at the right place indeed. You may truly enhance the beauty of your workspace or kid’s room by adding outstanding floral wallpaper.

Do you know what sort of benefits you could have adding floral wallpaper to your home? Here, we are going to mention all about this in a detailed manner. Let’s check it out –

To Ensure Energy –

Studies also say that flowers always play a major role to add more positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to your area. It adds more optimistic energy everywhere. Pretty flowers would be enhancing the beauty of your area. It is time to enhance the energy of the room by adding this lively and fresh wallpaper to your room. You may choose any shade accordingly.

To Be A Mood Booster –

Yes, indeed, lovely floral wallpaper can also be a reason to be a mood booster. It can truly help to make you get filled with excellent energy indeed. You will find yourself highly relaxed and calm. Your stress will go away from you. Anxiety or depression would not be part of your dictionary when you add these wallpapers to your home. Even you feel low then this wallpaper can lift your mood truly.

To Add More Creativity –

If you are related to any field which requires creativity then you must go-ahead to add lovely wallpaper to your room. The factor cannot be ignored that flowers are known for their incredible creativity and promotion. You may also add the floral wallpaper to your kid’s bedroom as well. Looking at flowers can go in favor of boosting up the imagination. Moreover, it also inspires you in different ways indeed.

To Encourage Your Productivity –

To brighten up your workspace, these floral 4D wallpaper are excellent to choose from. They take your creativity and productivity to next level giving you much-needed positive energy. Your concentration power gets also improved indeed.

Conclusion – So, what are you waiting for? Make your workspace area more lively and creative adding incredibly beautiful flower wallpaper indeed. At Ultrawalls, you can find a wide collection indeed.